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Air Conditioning Tune up

• Your A/C unit accounts for 50-60% of your electric bill.
• Dirty air-conditioning coils increase energy costs by $100 to $450 per year.
• A 10% refrigerant undercharge can increase A/C operating costs by 20%.
• A/C systems that are serviced at least twice a year perform more efficiently.

Save Money – Save Time – "Get a No Breakdown Guarantee"

Our No-Breakdown Guarantee: if your  air conditioning unit breaks down in the same season we credit back the cost of your tune up towards the repairs.

What are the Benefits and why own a Preferred Customer Maintenance Plan?

• Protects your investment and extends the life of the equipment:
Correcting minor issues before they become costly major ones
Automatically scheduled spring & fall tune-ups and professional cleanings
• Reduce the likelihood of emergency calls:
Yearly maintenance ensures peak efficiency of your system
Helps to identify problems before costly heating & A/C repairs are needed
• Minimize energy consumption through scheduled maintenance:
Proper adjustments and cleanings can reduce energy consumption up to 30%
Practice being "green" with our environmentally friendly maintenance performance
• Priority customer status:
Should you ever need emergency service, you get it fast…maintenance holders get prompt attention
• Service Discounts
Offers customer assurance pricing with a 15% discount on service repair parts
• Tested and rated service technicians:
Highly trained technicians servicing your equipment
• Reliable service contractor:
Computerized data base listing(s) of equipment and history of service performed at each site
24/7 service response with live customer service representative
• Transferable:
Makes your home more marketable

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Hot and humid Houston summers place huge demands on your AC system. That's why it's important to keep your system in good operating condition to save you energy and money. Call now to request your 14-Point Hvac tune Up to get your system ready for the upcoming climate. 

14-point inspection includes:

1.  Inspect and clean condenser coil 

2.  Check actual voltage of compressor

3.  Tighten electrical connections

4.  Inspect condenser controls

5.  Inspect starting and running capacitors

6.  Check indoor Thermostat

7.  Check for proper refrigerant charge

8.  Lubricate condenser fan motor & inspect blade

9.  Inspect indoor blower motor operation

10.  Check all drain lines

11.  Inspect service valves

12.  Inspect evaporator coil (if accessible)

13.  Check return air chases, ducts and filters

14.  Inspect accessible ductwork for air leaks

with an Air Conditioning  system tune up from Comfort Air Systems,